Hi, I’m Chris Tregenza and I’m one half of 6d6Fireball.com. There is lots we want to do and tell you about the site but before we get started on that I wanted to introduce myself.

I’ve been playing RPG’s for about 25 years now, starting with Traveller and then Tunnels & Trolls. D&D, in the form of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons enter my life a couple of years later when I started attending a local games club through which I met Rob. Since then Dungeons and Dragons has been the staple of my role playing life but I’ve also continued to enjoy SF style games. Including my favourite all time RPG, the post-apocalypse game Aftermath, though it is a close run thing with a well run Call of Cthulhu campaign .

I tend to GM more than I play because I love writing adventures and creating worlds. Rob and I play in a regular Thursday night game and I’m running a campaign based in ancient Rome. Because Rob and our friends will be reading this I can’t say to much about it but I will be publishing the complete campaign here on 6d6Fireball in a few months time. Or sooner if the player’s mess up and allow the bad guys to win.