Demonstration Game

Rough notes and plans for shooting the demonstration game.

GM: Ben J.

Players: Ben L., Matt J., Kieran K. and Phay V.


Create two videos -

1) A five minute video giving people a quick introduction to the 6d6 RPG and the idea that it is Fun! Fun! Fun!.

2) An hour long video for a in-depth look at 6d6 game play.

Additionally it would be good to record talking-head videos of everyone talking about 6d6 in general plus:

  • Ben J. about Rebel Flesh
  • Ben L. about 6d6 Bots
  • Kieran K. on 6d6, SF and cybernetics
  • Matt J. / Phay V. on the 6d6 Crew and being a 6d6 Player
  • Chris T. on how the business of 6d6 and the big picture


Players and GM in a horseshoe arrangement. One end of the table is unused.

Ben J.
Matt J. Kieran K.
Phay V. Ben L.

Camera 1

Fixed camera at one end of the table facing the GM.

This camera to provide the bulk of the shots, capturing as much as possible of the player's faces and voices.

Camera 2

Top down or from a high angle so that the layout of the cards / table can be seen.

Camera 3

Handheld camera capturing 'over-the-shoulder' shots of players taking actions and the GM managing monsters.


Investigate a standalone microphone to capture all the sound.

Post Production

Editing (obviously) but it would be good if we can show representations of the cards as people play them so that viewers can read the card. (Holding them up to the camera is a bit crappy and unreliable).

It might also be good to include images of the maps and pages from the actual adventure so that viewers can see how things are done in 6d6 products.


Want to add text to the video to define key terminology and inform the viewer where they can read more about a particular rule etc.

We can do this in YouTube but might be better to do it on the actual video.

Script / Shooting Plan

Start the session as the players approach the house.

Character Introductions

As each character acts for the first time, we will cut in an introduction - A photo of the player with a little bit about the character.

During the game each player should try to demonstrate the character's key abilities at least one.

Matt J. / Cherry Blows

"The unfortunately named Cherry is a cheerleader who is interested in Calvinism. She has the most Life cards of all the characters but is short on skills other than cheer-leading."

Points to Demonstrate
  • Resistance Actions (Battle Cry and Distract)
  • Combining cards, e.g. Battle Cry + Perform + Pom Poms

Ben L. / John Otto

"Otto is a bus driver and handyman. He has some useful abilities to get him out of harm's way and some practical non-combat skills."

Points to Demonstrate
  • Opportunity Cards (Retreat)

? / Mary Mallon

"A creepy eight year old girl. Mary is a scientific prodigy and has a secret."

Points to Demonstrate
  • Combining unusual cards (Creepy Stare + My Stuffy etc)

? / Belle Reeves

"Belle is a street-punk with attitude who take no-shit from anyone, especially dead people. A tough fighter, Belle can take care of herself."

  • Static / Persistent Cards (Armour)
  • Rotating Cards (Weapon Exp. and Ring)

Scene 1 - Outside the House

The characters enter the house.

Screen Caption

"Having escaped the crash of their bus and avoided death during the trek through the zombie filled woods, the lucky survivors stand outside a house as darkness falls."

Next Ben J. reads the Read-Aloud text to set the scene.

Points to Demonstrate

  • Awareness actions (listening to the singing). Need to check which character is best at this and have them do this. Most characters are pretty crappy at it. Ben J., read up on Awareness - 6d6 Core
  • System flexibility - Cherry should be involved in the awareness card so she can play her faith cards as it is something religious.
  • Skill checks - breaking in the door.

Scene 2 - Kitchen Zombie

Either following on directly from the previous scene or linked by a "Few minutes later …"

Ben J. reads the Kitchen text and puts the game into initiative sequence. Plays proceed to kill the zombie.

Points to Demonstrate

  • Transition from narrative to initiative play - e.g. Something is about to happen. Ben J., read up on Switching To Initiative Rounds - 6d6 Core
  • Each player should explain what is currently in their pool and why
  • Initiative Sequence
  • Flow - moving cards
  • Flow as movement as mosey / run
  • Damage

Scene 3 - Exploring the House

Note - Depending on the players, some of scenes 3 - 7 may be in a different order

Ideally the party will discover the locked gun cabinet.

Points to Demonstrate

  • Searching
  • Narrative play in general
  • Players grabbing Ad-Hoc weapons

Scene 4 - Master Bedroom

Link with a caption "Some of the party head upstairs …"

As nothing actually happens in this room, it is a good opportunity to demonstrate role-playing and building tension.

The party should find the key and realize it is for the gun cabinet. Fetching the gun in time for scene five or six.

Scene 5 - Kids Bedroom

Start with Ben J. reading the room's description.

Things to Demonstrate

  • Awareness versus hidden creatures plus situation bonuses
  • Partial surprise Scenario uses slightly different mechanism. We will use the standard method.
  • Combat with a gun

Scene 6 - Death Squirrel

We will try to keep this as natural as possible, flowing from the previous scene to this one without interruption.

Things to Demonstrate

  • Total Surprise (need to explain why its total and not partial surprise and the difference between the two).
  • Situation bonuses, e.g. trying to attack a squirrel that is chewing a comrades face off.
  • Combat with a gun

Scene 7 - Players into Zombies

Someone will have been infected by now and should turn into a zombie. This might need to happen faster than normal.

There are no specific points to demonstrate as all the mechanics are special to Outbreak!. However it is a good way to show off the scenario.

Scene 8 - Endgame

Cut to scene with a caption - "The characters hear the smashing of windows downstairs and the unmistakeable moan of the flesh eaters …"

The final zombie assault should turn into an extended combat as the players try to flee the house. Its a good way of demonstrating a long / complex fight.

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