6d6 Urban Fantasy


A Game of Supernatural Romance in the Modern World

  • Introduction
    • A Dramatic Action
    • Risk and Reward
    • Right of Veto
    • For the Game Leader
    • How to create a story
  • Creating Characters
    • Deciding What Kind of Character You Want
      • Using an Existing Character
      • Intuitive Reaction Method
      • 20 Questions Method
    • Creation Rules
  • The Nature of People
    • Families
    • Small Town
    • High School
    • High Society
    • Inner City Gangs
    • Work Teams
      • Beat Cops
      • Investigators
      • Rescue Workers
    • Vampires
    • Animalistic
      • Werebeasts
      • Shifters
    • Wizards and Witches
    • The Dead
    • The Touched
    • The Fae

By Simon Gill

Notes / Additional

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