Blood and Mana Mechanics - Notes

Rough notes based on conversations with Faye, Ben and others.

The aim is to provide a mechanic that replicates the feeding and blood/mana usage found in another game system.

Life Blood

Life Blood (or mana equivalent) are handed out by the Game Leader based on the player's feeding. Each card has a normal points / dice value set the GM. The card's points value will have some relation to the number of points of damage done to the victim when feeding.

The cards are Discard cards. When used they are permanently lost and return to the GM. A certain number of points worth of cards will be lost each day (hunger).

Characters are limited to maximum number of Life Blood cards equal to twice (three times?) the size of their dynamic pool.

Life Blood cards are not normally placed in the pool. Instead they are played directly from the deck (see below).


Lineage cards are path cards, making certain special abilities available and also have a more direct function in the game. They are static cards and a powerful creatures may have several lineage cards. When vampiric powers are used (see below) the lineage cards can be played.

Some Lineage cards may be Rotate or even persistent for powerful blood lines.

Super-Natural Powers

When a super-natural ability with the Blood keyword is played, the character can draw on their Fresh Blood and Lineage cards. As Fresh Blood cards are played from the deck and static cards from the static pool, this allows the vampire to exceed the normal limits (e.g. pool size) on the cards played in an action.

For each Blood card played in the action, one Fresh Blood card can be used.

None, one or all of a character's appropriate Lineage cards can also be added to any action using Blood cards.

Narrative Versus Tactical

These mechanics work in both narrative and tactical play with pools.

Narrative actions are limited in cards to the size of the character's dynamic pool. On top of that, they may play relevant static cards (e.g. Lineage cards) and Life Blood cards if Blood cards are used.

This is the same in tactical play. An character can play all their cards in the dynamic pool with static Lineage cards plus Fresh Blood from the deck. Lineage cards that rotate or persist will be particularly powerful in this style of play.

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