Sequence of Play

1. Declare a crisis point.

2. If required, elect the player to run the universe deck instead of their own character.

3. Each player decides the narrative and actions cards for their character or the universe deck in agreement with the other players. [Max four cards]

4. Each player must select a target player. One player may be the target of several players but each player only ever targets one player.

5. Dice Rounds

5a Each player rolls one dice and places it on one of their action cards without a dice.

5b In turn, each player chooses to either:

  • Pass
  • Fold
  • Reroll & Rotate
  • Help & Rotate
  • Sabotage & Rotate
  • Flip

Repeat 5a and 5b until all players have dice on all their action cards.

6. Each player declares a success or failure by comparing their score against their target player's score.

6a. Success - Any Flipped cards are given to the opponent. Plus player may either recover points from their discard pile (maximum of the action's degree of success) OR changes cards gained through sacrifices into other cards (maximum of the degree of success).

6b. Failure - Any Flipped cards are given to the opponent. Lose degree of success points of cards, plus any rotated cards, to the discard pile. Or sacrifice one card from their deck to their target.

Dice Actions


Player chooses to do nothing and play moves on to the next player.


The character drops out of the crisis point. They lose one rotated card (if any) to their discard pile and their target gains one situation dice.

Reroll & Rotate

The player may elect to reroll one or more of their action dice. The card(s) the rerolled dice are sat on rotate. Dice on cards that are already rotate cannot be rerolled (except via a Flip).

Help & Rotate

As per Reroll & Rotate but a character can elect to rotate one of their cards to allow another character to reroll a dice.

Sabatoage & Rotate

As per Reroll & Rotate but in exchange for rotating a dice, the character's target *must* reroll a dice.


Flip a one or more rotated cards to reroll their dice. Flipped cards are always sacrificed at the end of the crisis.

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