Bid & Challenge

The purpose of Bid & Challenge is to build a scene up over a few actions.


A scene resolves a major dramatic point. It is generally restricted to a single location and a short sequence of time. It starts when a player asks for it.

A round develops the story around the character that bids.

There are three zones that cards can be in. These are Deck, Play and Discard.

Empty Deck

While you have no deck, you cannot be an active player. You may still Challenge bids.

What you can do in a bid
  • Move up to your Flow target cards from a major character's discard pile to their deck.
  • Move a target card from a major character's deck to their discard pile.
  • Define a detail.
  • Create a card for the universe deck.
What you can't do in a bid
  • Redefine a detail that you or another player have defined.

A character cannot permanently die unless their player has an empty deck.

Sequence of Play

  1. The starting player becomes the active player.
  2. When a round ends, the player to the left of the active player becomes the active player.
  3. When all players pass consecutively, the scene ends.
  1. The active player makes a bid or passes.
    1. A bid includes a description of what will happen if they succeed.
    2. A player can put a number of cards into Play from his deck up to his character's Flow.
  2. After the bid is made, it can be challenged.
    1. Go counter-clockwise from the active player. Each player may pass or make the challenge. They then become the challenger.
    2. The challenger describes how events will play out if the active player fails.
    3. The challenger can put cards into Play from his own Deck or from the Universe Deck. The challenger may not put more cards into Play than the active player.
  3. The active player may push in response to the challenge.
    1. The active player changes his description to account for the challenge. They then put a number of extra cards into Play from his Deck and then rotates them. They can use up to their Flow in extra cards.
  4. Calculate the results.
    1. Roll the dice represented by the cards.
    2. Compare the active player and the challengers totals.
    3. The highest total wins. Active player wins ties.
    4. The winner narrates the details of what happens.
    5. If the active player loses, he discards the cards he Pushed.
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