Goddess of Spies

Titan spymaster

Patron of secrets

Imprisoned in Tartarus

To the uninformed in the court of Cronus, the goddess Theia was simply a hanger-on, someone with no interest in politics who was not involved in the machinations which bedevil any court. It was this detachment and unimportance which appeared to keep her safe as Cronus' rule slipped into tyranny. Her presence was forgotten by many when they made plans or spoke disparaging words about Cronus. In reality, Theia was Cronus' spymaster keeping track of the gods and their plots.

As the tyranny worsened, the game's stakes became higher and higher. To protect herself and her husband Hyperion Theia developed a real understanding of the power of information and an obsession with gathering it. However, she did not uncover Rhea's deception or Zeus' hiding place and the Titans went to war with the upstart Olympians. During the war she became one of Cronus' most trusted allies. Her spy network delivered vital intelligence and her own missions as a scout proved her personal bravery and loyalty to Cronus. It was Theia's work which kept the Olympians from winning much earlier.


Defeated, Theia went with Cronus into Tartarus and a deep despair took the goddess. Without her network of spies she felt blind and deaf. Worse, she feared that Cronus would never forgive her failure to forewarn him of Rhea and Zeus' plots. Yet when he called, she eagerly went to him and Cronus never said a word. Past failures were forgotten as the two began planning their return to power.

With Cronus' aid Theia is able to take agents among the mortals and she is reconnected to the outside world. Her feelings of isolation and abandonment have gone and once more she eagerly serves Cronus. She is the most enthusiastic of the Titans, claiming numerous mortals as agents and creating a spy network. Once more she is Cronus’ spymaster, keeping him informed on events in both the mortal and divine world. Driven by naked ambition for a return to power and a fear she will once again miss a vital plot, she is relentless in her work. Her ambitions is strengthened by desire for revenge on the Olympians for her husband’s descent to near-madness.

Power, Appearance and Agents

Theia appears as a young woman with piercing sky-blue eyes. Her clothing adapts to match those around, helping her to blend in and pass unnoticed. The only mortals who will ever notice her presence are those who she wishes to see her.

Her agents are not combatants but scouts and spies. They range from diplomats and merchants to serving staff who pass unnoticed through the houses of the rich and powerful. They trade in secrets and maintain their own information networks. If more direct action is need to support a Titanic plot they use influence, bribery and blackmail. Any situations requiring force are handed over to agents of other Titans.

Theia’s cult is based around her spy networks and is hard to find. They worship her in small independent cells, and their rituals are secretive and never held in the same place twice.

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