A sphinx is a rarely-seen but terrifying species. Its head and upper torso are of a human woman, its body that of a lion and they have the wings of an eagle, these parts combining to make a monster the size of an elephant. They are of a divine lineage through the minor gods Typhon and Echidna and are highly intelligent. The creatures can speak any language and are fond of riddles. This brings them into contact with humans, with unpredictable results. Sometimes the contact is peaceful, other times the sphinx taunts, tortures and kills the human.

In the age of myths the Egyptians venerated the sphinx in stone statues. Only one live sphinx was ever known, which died when Oedipus correctly answered its riddle. Since the decline of Egypt there have been sightings of other sphinx around the Mediterranean. They are breeding (or at least increasing in number - no one knows if there are male and female sphinx) and raising their young somewhere in the region.

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