Plot Hooks


  • Two people are prophesied to become lovers but live in different poleis. The champions must bring them together.
  • The heart of a city's ruler broke when their lover left. Now the city is falling into ruin and the champions must solve the problem.
  • Aphrodite is holding a party for all the Olympians and their champions. Each champion must find a gift suitable for the goddess of love.


  • The Phoenix has not been seen at the Temple of Apollo this year. Why?
  • Why has Apollo has not stopped a plague ravaging a mighty city?
  • A new oracle is needed and it falls to the champion of Apollo to find a true seer among the hundreds who claim to have the power.


  • Hunt a creature, corrupted by Titanic power, that is destroying a forest.
  • Protect a sacred grove from a polis' plans for an aqueduct would cut straight through it.
  • Defend a persecuted youth taking refuge in a temple to Artemis.


  • Take a gift from Ares to the Amazons and win their loyalty.
  • Start a war overseas.
  • Protect a mortal descendant of Ares from an Athenian champion.


  • A tyrant has destroyed an asclepeion for failing to save their child's life. Asclepius needs the help of champions to revenge this travesty.


  • Manipulate the politics of a polis to remove a demagogue from power.
  • Aid a young hero in completing their task, without the youth realising it.
  • Lead a polis in war and ensure its victory.


  • A group of Titanic agents are attempting to free Atlas by lessening his load.


  • The beast is enraged by a thorn in its paw and Hades is not around to calm the dog. Can the characters do it?


  • The ferryman has business to attend to and requires the characters to man the ferry while he is away.


  • Barbarian worshippers of Coeus are raiding northern Greece.
  • Coeus has sent his agents to outwit Athena's champion.


  • Crius' followers are building an unusually-shaped temple in the Libyan desert.
  • Conflict between Rome and Syracuse is being fomented by Crius' agents.


  • The champions must prevent an agent of Cronus from finding Cronus' sickle.
  • An agent of Cronus is attempting to establishing a tyranny in a powerful polis.


  • The Sirens, which Demeter created, are preying on a busy shipping land and they need to be driven away.
  • A polis failed to honour Demeter for its bountiful harvest and must be punished.
  • Help Demeter to prevent Persephone returning to the Underworld.


  • A tyrant has banned dancing in their polis. The champions must undermine the ruler's authority by organising a festival of dancing.
  • Pirates are getting rich by taking prisoners to sell into slavery. Stop them.
  • A victorious polis placed thousands of fellow Greeks from the losing city into slavery. Punish the polis for this dishonourable behaviour.

Elder Cylopes

  • They need something from the mortal world in order to forge a powerful item.


  • Enyo has arrived on a battlefield and the characters must survive the ensuing slaughter.


  • One of Eros' golden arrows is missing and he needs help to find it.


  • Agents of Gaia are working to destabilise the Olympians by encouraging worshippers of Athena to proclaim her Queen of the Gods.


  • A shade has returned to the mortal world and must be stopped.
  • Far into the wilds the fallen of a major battle require proper burial.
  • A mortal is attempting to cheat death by imprisoning Thanatos.


  • A prisoner faces execution in the morning unless the characters can deliver the pardon in time.


  • A village is being terrorised by a monster which attacks in the dead of night.
  • A Titanic spy-ring has infiltrated a polis and the champions must find and destroy it.
  • A secret way out of Hades is being used by the dead to escape and the champions must seal the exit.


  • The god needs a rare metal from a cave said to lead to the Underworld.
  • A mortal has boasted they can make machines as well as Hephaestus. The god wishes the mortal to be brought to his forge for a contest.
  • Who has stolen the golden chains with which Hephaestus once bound Hera?


  • Helios saw an Olympian in a compromising situation. An agent of Helios is spreading the information and must be stopped.


  • A powerful man is flagrantly cheating on his spouse. Hera wants him punished for breaking his marriage oath.
  • Two young people are in love and wish to marry but their families oppose the union. Hera wishes the marriage to go ahead.
  • A prophecy predicts a mortal vital to the future of the Olympian gods is being born to slave girl. The characters must see the child is born fit and healthy.


  • A war has left numerous orphans who are falling victim to unsavoury persons. Herakles needs mortals to find homes for the children.


  • Deliver a message to someone who is dead.
  • Demonstrate the champions' prowess by taking a relic from one god's temple and placing in another god's temple.
  • Free the rebels held in a tyrant's prison.


  • Two poleis are at war and the champions must find a peaceful solution to the conflict.
  • A long-abandoned temple to Hestia needs to be rebuilt exactly as it was in the time of Homer.
  • The living flame of a hearth fire must be guarded on its way to a new colony.


  • Hyperion has sent an agent to burn a sacred grove of Apollo.
  • An agent of Hyperion is protecting a cult of Helios and Selene from the Olympic champions.


  • A famous philosopher espousing atheism is an agent of Iapeatus.
  • No mortal or god has knowingly seen Iapeatus since the fall of the Titans. Can the characters find him?
  • Iapeatus's agents are attempting to climb Mount Othrys and free Prometheus as a symbol of humanity's power over the gods.

Judges of the Dead

  • A complex case requires mortals to gather evidence from the living.


  • An agent of Mnemosyne is stealing specific memories from famous scholars.
  • Artists inspired by the Muses are making works that decry the Olympians.


  • A writer has imprisoned a Muse and the remaining eight need help to free her.


  • The goddess seeks a plant which will flower even in deepest winter and promises favour to any who finds one.


  • The champion of Poseidon is ordered to take revenge on someone who has offended the god's pride.
  • A wild sea monster threatens the shipping leaving Corinth and needs corralling.
  • Poseidon wants a small port town bullied into worshipping him.


  • Oceanus has released a powerful sea monster into the Aegean.
  • An agent of Oceanus seeks to kill priests of Poseidon.


  • Phoebe's agents are protecting an oracle whose prophecies favour the Titans.
  • By secret means, Phoebe has taken control of the Oracle of Delphi from Apollo and is creating false prophecies.


  • A champion of Rhea is spreading the cult of the "wronged goddess".
  • A high priest of Zeus has acted dishonourably towards their mother and Rhea's agent is using it as propaganda to cause dissent.


  • By the light of the full moon, Selene's spies track the characters' movement.


  • Theia's spies are blackmailing important citizens into helping the Titans.
  • The champions are tasked to unearth Theia's network of spies.


  • There is conflict amongst the river nymphs who are caught between loyalty to their mother Tethys and their lord Poseidon.
  • Distrust and loathing for Poseidon is being spread by Tethys' agents.


  • He needs the champions to find a mortal who has outwitted him.


  • The characters are hunted by agents of Themis.
  • An agent of Themis frames a character for a crime.


  • A distant descendent of one of Zeus' affairs has become famous. Hera plots to turn the descendent into an embarrassment for Zeus and the characters must prevent this from happening.
  • A polis has fallen into anarchy and the characters must enforce Zeus's will and return the rule of law to the city.
  • Zeus has dropped a thunderbolt from the heavens and wants it retrieved.


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The plottings of foriegn gods.

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100 plot hooks

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