Olympic Politics

The gods on Olympus are not a united force that drew together by choice. Instead they are but one branch of a turbulent family of immortals. Like mortal families there is bickering between sibliings, deep grudges and strong friendships. Unlike mortal families, the gods have vast powers and unending lifespans with which to quarrel.

Though there is infighting, the kingship of Zeus is not realistically disputed. Hostility is limited to individual gods pushing for favour, irritating each other with willful actions, or just acting out their grudges.

There are also many strong friendships on Olympus. These tend to be long-lasting and deep and based on a genuine affection between the gods involved. There are a lot of sexual relationships and even a god will go a long way for a lover.

This section includes a map of significant friendships and enmities. Details on specific examples and how they came about can be found in the text for each Olympian.


Zeus favours Hecate

Hestia generally liked. Nothing specifically strong

Hermes and Apollo (friends)

Ares shags Aphrodite

Artemis and Apollo (siblings)

Dionysus and Hephaestus (drinking buddies)

Artemis and Athena (friends)

General loyalty amongst brothers in original six

Demeter and Hestia get on?

Cronus' faction of imprison titans is Mnemosyne, Themis, Phoebe, Theia and Hyperion

Persephone is loyal to her husband Hades.

The Elder Cyclopes and the Hundred Handed Giants are loyal to Zeus and Hades.

Pan is an ally and mentor of Artemis.

Eros stands by his mother Aphrodite.

Helios and Selene support their parents.

Charon, Cerberus, Thanatos and the Judges of the Dead are loyal to Hades.


Athena and Ares (war)

Ares and Hephaestus over Aphrodite (cheating)

Athena+Artemis dislike Aphrodite

Hera divorced Zeus

Hera rejected Hephaestus

Hephaestus resents Hera (rejection)

Zeus wary of Athena (prophecy)

Ares generally disliked

Apollo and Poseidon rivals over Hestia

Demeter hates Hades (Persephone)

Hera resents Athena,Apollo,Hermes,Artemis,Dionysus (bastard spawn of Zeus)

Poseidon and Athena (rivalry over Athens)

Poseidon feels disrespected by Zeus

Hephaestus divorced and resents Aphrodite

Demeter resents Zeus for helping plan kidnap of Persephone

Zeus distrusts Hermes

Aphrodite tries to get Athena+Artemis laid

Zeus distrusts and wary of Aphrodite (demigods, power of love)

Hades dislikes Aphrodite via Persephone

Cronus seeks and return to power with his faction.

Rhea is isolated from the other titans.

Oceanus with his with Tethys seek to reclaim the sea from Poseidon

Coeus seeks to establish his own dominance in Greece, independent of Titan and Olympian

Coeus, Oceanus and Tethys do not follow or trust Cronus

Phoebe and Hyperion were gods of realms now controlled by Apollo

Themis and Hermes have opposing realms of Truth and Lies.

Mnemosyne hates Zeus for his reneging on their deal.

Some of the water nymphs may be more loyal to their parents than to the Olympians

Iapetus seeks the downfall of believe in all the gods.

Hecate as the night watchman opposes Theia, goddess of secrets and shadows.

Persephone has a rivalry with Aphrodite over Adonis.

Gaia will not work with Cronus or Zeus.

Notes to discuss: Rapes. Demeter/Poseidon specifcally.


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