God of the Distant Seas

Titan god of the sea

Father of nymphs

Exiled to the great ocean

Oceanus, child of Uranus and Gaia, was the Titan god of the sea. His wife Tethys was goddess of water sources and clouds. The couple were happy under the rule of Uranus and their children became the thousands of nymphs found in the Greece's rivers, ponds and streams. When Cronus mounted his coup against Uranus, Oceanus did not side with him for he had no quarrel with his father. Out of respect to his mother he did not fight for Uranus either, and the ocean god joined the victorious Titanic court. Oceanus is as wild and untameable as the sea and his conflict with Cronus' ever-growing tyranny was inevitable.


Distrustful of both sides in the Titanomachy and seeing no value in joining the war, Oceanus chose neutrality. This proved a disaster as it was impossible for Zeus to leave a powerful Titan free when they had not proven their personal loyalty. The King of the Gods stripped the Titan of his realms, and dominion over the sea passed to Poseidon after the Olympians drew lots. Zeus exiled Oceanus, along with Tethys, to the deep. The couple now live alone in the great western ocean beyond the Mediterranean, separated from their children.

Oceanus plans to regain his realm and re-enter the Mediterranean where he can connect with his children once again. The focus of his hatred is not Zeus, but just Poseidon. The Titan believes that Poseidon persuaded Zeus to grant Oceanus’ realms to the Olympian and Oceanus intends to supplant Poseidon rather than overthrow the entire Olympic court. He judges, possibly correctly, that the sea god’s unpopularity amongst the other Olympians will prevent a unified response to his unseating.

Oceanus works with Tethys, ignoring the other Titans. He blames the Titans in Tartarus, and in particular Cronus, for his downfall and will cheerfully let them rot. However, he does not oppose their plots as they keep the Olympians distracted.

Power, Appearance and Agents

Oceanus' symbols are the fish and the oar and he sometimes appears with his lower half in the form of a fish or serpent. He also has crab claws emerging from his brow. Oceanus is known for his sea-like qualities, being deep, merciless and without master.

His agents are sailors who have sailed too far from land and met with danger. Those that curse Poseidon and call for the help of Oceanus are saved in return for their service. The sailors and merchants who become his agents are diverse in background and come from any culture. The cult is based on the coastline where they worship the unfathomable size and depths of their deity. Fish feature prominently in their rituals.

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