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 +===Monster Path Cards====
 +Preliminary list of monster paths. ​ Intention is that monsters can be built by combining paths based on their properties. ​ These include size, taxonomy (mammal, fish, reptile etc), behaviour (social, herd, predator), divinity. ​ For example, Ethiopian Dragons are '​colossal predatory reptiles'​ and so can be built from those decks. Indian Ants are 'small social insects'​.
 +Properties such as immortality or speech will be kept to the description,​ unless they can take advantage of it. eg the leucrocota mimics human speech to hunt humans, and so can use a Mimicry advantage. ​ Special abilities such as fire breath or petrifying gaze act like items with CP values (check with CT and JF).
 +== Behaviours ==
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Arboreal]] - A monster that lives in and amongst trees.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Burrowing]] - A monster that spends most of its life underground.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Flying]] - A monster that can fly.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Herbivore]] - A monster that eats only flora. ​ Mooing
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Parasitic]] - A monster that feeds surreptitiously on other animals.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Predatory]] - A monster that predates on other animals.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Nocturnal]] - A monster that is most active at night and in the dark.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Serpentine]] - A monster that behaves like a snake.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Social]] - A monster that lives and works in groups.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Swimming]] - A monster that can swim.
 +== Size ==
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Colossal]] - A monster larger than ten times larger than the average human. ​
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Large]] - A monster at least twice the size of the average human.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Small]] - A monster smaller than half the average human. ​
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Tiny]] - A monster less than a tenth of the average human.
 +== Taxonomy ==
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Amphibian]] - Monsters that are like frogs, toads and salamanders.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Arachnid]] - Monsters that are like spiders, crabs and scorpions.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Avian]] - Monsters with bird like features.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Divine]] - Monsters with god-like features.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Flora]] - Monster with plant like features, or plants with monster like features.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Insect]] - Monsters with six legs, segmented bodies and an exoskeleton.
 +  * [[oopen:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Mammal]] - Monsters that secrete milk and give birth to live young.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Marine]] - Monsters that live in water.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Reptile]] - Monsters like lizards, crocodiles and geckos.
 +  * [[open:​settings:​6d6hellenic:​monster:​Supernatural]] - Monsters with inexplicable features.
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