Monster Path Cards

Preliminary list of monster paths. Intention is that monsters can be built by combining paths based on their properties. These include size, taxonomy (mammal, fish, reptile etc), behaviour (social, herd, predator), divinity. For example, Ethiopian Dragons are 'colossal predatory reptiles' and so can be built from those decks. Indian Ants are 'small social insects'.

Properties such as immortality or speech will be kept to the description, unless they can take advantage of it. eg the leucrocota mimics human speech to hunt humans, and so can use a Mimicry advantage. Special abilities such as fire breath or petrifying gaze act like items with CP values (check with CT and JF).

  • Arboreal [Advantage] - A monster that lives in and amongst trees.
  • Burrowing - A monster that spends most of its life underground.
  • Flying - A monster that can fly.
  • Herbivore - A monster that eats only flora. Mooing
  • Parasitic - A monster that feeds surreptitiously on other animals.
  • Predatory - A monster that predates on other animals.
  • Nocturnal - A monster that is most active at night and in the dark.
  • Serpentine - A monster that behaves like a snake.
  • Social - A monster that lives and works in groups.
  • Swimming - A monster that can swim.
  • Colossal - A monster larger than ten times larger than the average human.
  • Large - A monster at least twice the size of the average human.
  • Small - A monster smaller than half the average human.
  • Tiny - A monster less than a tenth of the average human.
  • Amphibian - Monsters that are like frogs, toads and salamanders.
  • Arachnid - Monsters that are like spiders, crabs and scorpions.
  • Avian - Monsters with bird like features.
  • Divine - Monsters with god-like features.
  • Flora - Monster with plant like features, or plants with monster like features.
  • Insect - Monsters with six legs, segmented bodies and an exoskeleton.
  • Mammal - Monsters that secrete milk and give birth to live young.
  • Marine - Monsters that live in water.
  • Reptile - Monsters like lizards, crocodiles and geckos.
  • Supernatural - Monsters with inexplicable features.


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Obsolete, due to the 100 Monster Beasiary

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