Melite, Agent of Phoebe
Barely out of her teens this woman wears her hair unusually short and wears a thick leather tunic with boots. There's a wildness to her snarl and frown that keeps most people at bay. Her accent gives away her home as being somewhere north of Thessaly, but no-one has been able to coax any more from her. Sightings of her are irregular, almost as if she knows when someone might be looking for her. She is currently digging her way into the foundations and caves beneath the Temple of the Oracle of Dephli. Her goal is to retrieve teeth from the Python's remains and use them to summon powerful skeleton warriors. Lacking physical strength, in combat she keeps her distance and harrasses the enemy with ranged and potential attacks.
Free Resist
3 [Dodge, Reflexes Speed]

Mundane Equipment 1d6+0

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