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 +===Greek Temples===
 +Temples are the focal point of worship for the Greeks. ​ They are the largest structures in a god’s sanctuary or temple complex. ​ They are built to house the great statues of the gods.  Despite their prominence, they only play a background role in ceremonies. ​ Only the priests may enter the central chamber that houses the god’s statue unless under exceptional circumstances. ​ Offerings are left at the columns that surround the chamber and sacrifices and rituals are carried out on the concourses in front of the temple steps.
 +==Layout and Design==
 +The layout of greek temples follows a standard pattern. ​ The outside is made up of one row of columns, sometimes two, that support the bulk of the roof structure. ​ Inside, a series of walls that reach to the roof separate the interior into rooms. ​ The Naos is the core of the temple, which in smaller sites contains the divine statue. ​ In larger and more important temples, the statue is kept in a separate Adyton, or shrine area, where no-one, not even the priests are allowed to go.  The rest of the building is divided up into the Pronaos - the entrance way, the Opisthodomos (storage room), Peristatis (area between columns and walls) and the Pteron (the area outside the columns but still under the roof).
 +# break out picture with labels
 +#break out showing different layouts
 +The temples can be up to 20 m high with many variations on the layouts. ​ The base is usually at least one story above ground level with the most important temples being up to 3 stories. ​ The heavy stone base is the foundation of the temple, and extends to at least half a story below ground level.
 +Temple are often painted in bright blues and rich reds that work with the white stone to impressive artistic effect. ​ Important and richer temples will be have carvings and reliefs on all the available stone work with lots of sculpture adorning the edges and surrounds. ​ Some sanctuaries charge an admission fee to support the cost of the temples, while others benefit from the patronage of a wealthy sponsor.
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