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This document is a rough draft of the Age of Legends, a complete setting for the 6d6 RPG. This draft has been prepared for the Age of Legends Kickstarter campaign running November - December 2015.

The contents of this document represent a snapshot of the text of the book as of 3rd November 2015. The process of editing and proof-reading has only just started. There are numerous typos and other errors in this document.

The layout is basic, little more than what is produced by the automatic scripts we use to take content from 6d6 Online and place it into InDesign. The artwork is also largely missing.

Stretch Goals

Included in this draft are all the stretch goals for the project (except the additional artwork). What is in the final version depends on which stretch goals we reach.


Work will continue on the editing while the Kickstarter is in progress and carry on once we have funded. Updated drafts will be released periodically.


There are two ways to provide feedback:

Email Library@6d6RPG.com with your comments.


Cut out the middle man and make changes to the 6d6 wiki directly. All members (which is everyone who has backed the Kickstarter) may edit the wiki. We encourage everyone to get involve and don't worry. The wiki keeps a track of every change made so if things go horribly wrong we can roll it back to the original version.

Many thanks for supporting the Age of Legends Kickstarter.

Please contact Chris@6d6RPG.com if you have any questions or problems.

All the best

Chris Tregenza

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