Deposed Tyrant of the Gods

The father of the Olympic court

The god of authority, order, and rules

Imprisoned in Tartarus

Cronus is the youngest of the Titans and always despised his Father for his careless and wasteful rule over the world. It was easy for Gaia, seeking retribution for her husband's imprisonment of her children, to push Cronus into rebellion. She gave him a sickle with which Cronus castrated his Father. With the last of his power Uranus cursed Cronus to be overthrown by his own children in turn.

Rule and Fall

On seizing power, Cronus broke his promise to Gaia and refused to free the hecatonchires, the cyclopes or the gigantes. He ruled with absolute law and as time passed his golden age became a tyranny. Cronus was cruel to anyone outside his court and became paranoid over his father’s curse. He married Rhea but was fearful of their children and swallowed them at birth.

Despite Cronus' authority, rebellion threw his rule into chaos. Rhea tricked Cronus when his youngest son Zeus was born and the boy grew up in secret helped by agents of Gaia. Zeus returned and forced his father to vomit up the other children. With the aid of Gaia and Rhea, Zeus and the other children began the war against Cronus. The Titanomachy ended in Cronus’ defeat, the fall of the Titanic court and the fulfilment of Uranus' curse.


Cronus sits in a dark prison in the depths of Tartarus plagued by his defeat to the chaotic Olympians. Unlike his father Uranus, Cronus retains his godly powers in defeat. After centuries of captivity and solitude he has gathered his wits and focused them on revenge. He has reached out to the other imprisoned Titans and promised them freedom for their support. Theia, Themis, Hyperion and Mnemosyne agreed, though each has their own agenda besides escape. He has taught them how to subtly exert their influence into the mortal world, enabling them to find willing mortals to be their agents.

Cronus seeks to regain his throne and impose his absolute order on the world once again. The goal that drives him though is revenge on Zeus, who he cannot forgive for his betrayal. He is equally unforgiving and vengeful to those Titans who did not fight in the Titanomachy, such as Helios and Oceanus. Cronus is oblivious to his role in triggering the rebellion or the irony for condemning Zeus for doing what he himself did to Uranus.

Realms, Appearance and Agents

Cronus’ power was the realms of order and authority and his symbol a sickle, a weapon which his agents carry. He appears as a strong, muscular man in late middle age with greying hair wearing a thick leather skirt and sandals. His persistence and bravery are tempered by his paranoia and intolerance of disorder.

Agents of Cronus are well organised and have a natural authority. They control large numbers of cultists and are often found leading bands of Titanic agents. Following the example of their patron, the agents deal harshly and brutally with dissent and challenges to their power.

The cult of Cronus is promised a better world under his strong leadership. Its practices and rituals are bound by rigid rules that govern all the aspects of their lives.

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