Deep Thinker

The grand strategist of the Titans

Arrogant, patient and scheming

Exiled to the far north

Coeus is the eldest and most intelligent of the Titans. He is prone to spending weeks in thought and his counsel is valued by the other Titans. Though not gifted with prophecy he has remarkable foresight and the ability to predict the behaviour of his opponents. This is very different from his wife Phoebe who has the gift of prophecy but cannot put her visions and thoughts into order. Neither of them ever comprehends the other and the relationship, lukewarm at best, ended when Coeus left the Titanic court.

Despite Coeus' intelligence he undervalues matters of the heart. He foresaw the rebellion incited by Cronus' increasingly tyrannical rule yet missed the catalyst, Rhea’s love of her children. Coeus fought in the Titanomachy, serving as the Titans' strategist. Through his scheming the Titans held off the Olympians for ten years of near-constant warfare. When Theia revealed Zeus had enlisted the hundred-handed Hecatonchires for the next battle, Coeus predicted the final defeat of the Titans. Cronus refused to accept this last piece of advice and banished him for cowardice. Seeing no point in resisting, Coeus left the Titanic fort on Mount Othrys and surrendered to the Olympians before the battle began.


For his part in the war, Coeus was stripped of his realms and banished to the far north. He had expected both exile and losing his realms but he was unprepared for the harsh and bitter climate of the frozen lands. He dreams of returning to Greece and resuming his musings in luxury and warmth.

Coeus works to undermine the Olympians who he sees as his intellectual inferiors. He has built up a powerful cult amongst the northern barbarian tribes. With his guidance, channelled through his priests and agents, the tribes have prospered and carried the cult of Coeus southward and it will soon arrive on Greece’s northern borders.

Coeus' surrender before the end of the war soured relations between him and Cronus. He receives no support from Cronus’ faction of imprisoned Titans. The sole Olympian for whom he has respect is his successor as god of wisdom, Athena. She is a worthy adversary and he believes in time she will overthrow Zeus.

Power, Appearance and Agents

Coeus appears as a thin man of above-average height wrapped up in the heavy furs worn by northerners. His realms were of wisdom and farsight and his symbols are the axis and the pole. The patient Coeus is never rash and his actions often involve long and complex plots.

Coeus’ agents are northern tribespeople who see Greeks as weak and coddled by their mild climate. Always planning ahead, Coeus has recruited Greek exiles and uses their knowledge to enhance the barbarians' strength. The cult of Coeus worships him as the provider of wisdom. His cultists are fervent and dedicated, as Coeus' advice has never been proven to be wrong. His rituals are small in scale and to avoid pointless waste of expensive livestock the sacrifice is of small fruits.

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