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 <​card ​ ref=":​open:​cards:​6d6Hellenic:​weaponexpertisespecify"​ > <​card ​ ref=":​open:​cards:​6d6Hellenic:​weaponexpertisespecify"​ >
 <​property name="​dice">​1d6+2</​property>​ <​property name="​dice">​1d6+2</​property>​
-<​property name="​title">​Weapon Expertise ​(Mesangylon)</​property>​+<​property name="​title">​Wpn Exp. (Mesangylon)</​property>​
 <​property name="​characterpoints">​7</​property>​ <​property name="​characterpoints">​7</​property>​
 </​card>​ </​card>​
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