Ancient Greece is a concept, a collection of people who share the same language and gods. Mainland or Central Greece consists of Attica, Athens, Thebes, Boeotia, Thessaly. To its south, connected by a narrow isthmus is the Peloponnese which contains Corinth, Elis, Sparta, Messenia, Epidaurus and Argos.

North of central Greece is Thessaly and north-west of it is Macedon. Northwards and east of Macedon is Thrace. Across the hellespont (the narrow channel separating the continents of Europe and Asia) is Anatolia which is partly Greek and partly Persian.

Greece also includes the islands in the Ionian Sea (the waters between Greece and foot of the Italian peninsula) and islands in the Aegean Sea which separates Greece in the west and Anatolia in the East. The island of Crete, marking the border of the Aegean and Mediterranean is also considered Greece as is the island of Rhodes.

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