Animals and Monstrous Creatures

These are the unintelligent beasts that roam the world. Some of them are just beasts, some of them are divine creations long ignored by their creators. Most of them are terrifying. Each creature has its own normal habitat like Africa or India, but travellers from all over the world report that many beasts are now migrating great distances and are multiplying in number. This is not an exhaustive list and Game Leaders are encouraged to invent their own.


James Foster, 2012/08/31 19:39

Actions of the titans are causing these critters to appear in Greece. (Perhaps)

Mark Foster, 2012/08/31 19:41

Remove or generalise the locations of these creatures, so they can be found in Greece.

James Foster, 2013/01/17 11:17

Skeletal soldiers appear to me missing

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