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 +=== Zombies ===
 +These mindless, flesh-eating monsters originate in the Haitian / west African traditions of magic but they are best known as the walking corpses from popular entertainment. The most influential of these are George R. Romero'​s Night / Dawn / Day series of films more recently eclipsed by the comic and TV show The Walking Dead.
 +Every depiction of zombies has a slightly different take on the monster, ranging from slow, shambling corpses to incredible sprinters who would give Usain Bolt a run for his money. A common variant in zombie films is the need to destroy the brain in order to kill the zombie. The Zombie, Slow's Undead Toughness represents this hard-to-kill nature but a Game Leader wishing to make the creature more deadly could require the players to make attacks targeted at the head. This adds a 1d6+0 situation bonus to the attack.
 +Zombies in many adaptations have an infection they spread through their bite or via contact with their blood which turns the victim into a new zombie. This is not included in the standard creatures as it causes too many character deaths, but a Game Leader wishing to use it in a one-off adventure may use the Infected! status. Characters gain this automatically when they take damage from a zombie. The Infected! status CP value is equal to the damage taken from the attacks. ​
 +<style w2>
 +<card type="​hazard">​
 +<​property name="​title">​Infected!</​property>​
 +<​property name="​keywords">​Hazard,​ Persistent, Start-Of-Scene</​property>​
 +<​property name="​summary">​Attacks the character at the start of each scene, dealing life damage. If the character takes enough damage to be '​dying'​ they return as a zombie.</​property> ​
 +<​property name="​characterpoints"></​property>​
 +<​property name="​dice"></​property>​
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