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 +===  Statue, Living ===
 +Living statues are most peculiar life forms. Unlike a golem or animated object, the statues are biological creatures with parents and can breed. However, their life cycle is extremely strange. Most living statues appear to be made of stone but some may appear to be made of gold, silver or any other material. Equipment which appears to be part of the statue can be used by the living statue. ​
 +Breeding involves two or more statues plus raw materials such as metal or stone, melting themselves down into a single pool from which one or more statues form. The melting process is magical and does not require heat; it could be better described as everything turning to liquid. The different materials all intermix into a uniform, shimmering pool and then coalesce into the new statues. Sometimes just a single larger statue emerges, more often modified forms of the originals and some child statues come out or very occasionally only child statues are formed. ​
 +The rest of their life cycle is obscure. For decades at a time they stand still in museums, castle and ruins. It is difficult to differentiate between statues and living statues and many apparently inert statues are actually living statues. They have a language and a culture but it operates over such large timescales it is hard to observe.
 +Most of the time statues ignore other living creatures but will defend themselves if attacked, or more normally, someone tries to vandalise or steal the statue. ​
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