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 +=== Land Squid ===
 +Being neither a squid nor living on land, this creature is badly named. It is a reptile with a snake-like body stretching up to 30' long and 5' thick near the head. Its preferred habitats are swamps and flooded tunnels where it can sit and wait for passing prey, using the water to hide its substantial bulk.
 +What sets the Land Squid apart from other giant snakes are the tentacles growing in a circular pattern from around its head. The tentacles have their own sensory and nervous systems which gives them the appearance of having their own, highly limited intelligence. The tentacles grab prey and drag it back to the mouth for swallowing. Land Squids have a variable number of tentacles as they drop off and regrow depending on age and circumstances. Older creatures tend to have more tentacles but it is not a reliable way of judging the Squid'​s age.  ​
 +Game Leaders should treat the tentacles as separate creatures. Each one is a mook which tries to pull prey towards the mouth situated on the main body of the Land Squid. The tentacles behave just as normal mooks regarding actions and do not use the Land Squid'​s potential. They each occupy a single 5' square which represents the place where the constantly twisting and moving tentacle can best be attacked. The body can never be more than 30' away from a tentacle'​s position.
 +Land Squids gain more and stronger tentacles as they grow older. A young squid will normally have twelve 1d6+2 Tentacle Mooks, an adult will have eighteen 1d6+4 and a mature squid, twenty-four 1d6+6. ​
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