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 +=== Jellies ===
 +Jellies are shapeless masses of roving slime mould which engulf victims and slowly digest them. While having no intelligence they do exhibit behaviour that appears intelligent as they seek out optimal routes to prey. They are only a few inches thick and can flow under doors or through tiny cracks. The smaller Puce and Ochre jellies occupy one 5' square but the much bigger Sienna jelly occupies four 5' squares. ​
 +They are made up of billions of identical acid-excreting cells with thick cell walls of polytetrafluoroethylene (known as P.T.F.E., the same material used to cover non-stick pans and protect pipes from corrosion). These cells and the jelly'​s semi-liquid state makes the creature difficult to hurt. They also give the jellies their distinctive colour as the different thicknesses of the cells walls let through differing quantities of light. ​
 +Jellies attack by engulfing their prey. This requires a movement to enter one or more occupied squares and provokes a proximity resistance action from the occupants. Anyone engulfed by the jelly can be attacked by its Acid Digestion.  ​
 +As a form of slime the jellies have no need to breathe and have no eyes or sensing organs. They also have no mind. Consequently they are immune to many forms of attack. Jellies can be hurt by fire and will back away from a large heat source.
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