Entropians are also known as frog-men which is a pretty good description of them. On all fours, their natural body position, they are about 4' high but when they rear up on their back legs they stand at least 8' tall. They use this height to intimidate creatures and to provide extra reach in combat. They are intelligent creatures, have a culture and use simple tools.

The females lay spawn in the pools which the males then fertilise, often hours or days later. The eggs are left untended to develop into tadpoles and only once the frog is fully formed do the adult frogs start to become involved in raising the young. All the adults of the pool take responsibility and do not distinguish between their own and other adult's offspring. Their breeding pattern leaves no concept of family and makes no distinction regarding gender. Entropians from the same pool are as close as any brothers, even if they are two or three generations apart.

Entropian culture is tied to traditions about their spawning pools. The history of the spawning pools, e.g. where famous heroes spawned, is important and plays a large part in an Entropian's social status.

As water creatures the Entropians have no interest in or use for fire and they normally avoid it. The only exception to this is when they are dealing with other species - as a mark of trust Entropians will sit around a fire with land-based creatures. Their watery environment makes metal and wooden tools of limited use. Instead they rely on stone and are skilled at shaping and carving stone for tools and decoration.

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