6d6 Powertools

Welcome to the 6d6 RPG Powertools which allow you to quickly and easily view, edit and create content for the 6d6 RPG.

IMPORTANT: These tools are at their Alpha release stage meaning they are are unreliable and should only be used for testing purposes. Using these tools on 'real' or important content my result in the loss or corruption of data.

ALPHA RESTRICTIONS: Until the Powertools are properly debugged the ability to edit content in the ":Open" areas of the wiki has been disabled. The content can still be used (e.g. 6d6 Modern paths can be used to create characters in the Public Sandbox) but no changes can be made. Powertool users are free to create & edit content in their private areas or in the Public Sandbox.

Naming Conventions
No suffix to the name, e.g. "6d6 Modern"
Complete / published work, very unlikely to change.
[Draft], e.g. "6d6 Hellenic [Draft]"
Near complete work. May have some errors and may change.
[W.i.P], e.g. "6d6 Lovecraft [W.i.P]"
The project is work in progress and will be missing some (or a lot) of content and everything is liable to change.
[Paused], e.g. "6d6 Bots [Paused]"
The project is incomplete and not being actively developed.
Wiki Structure

The 6d6 RPG Powertools relies on a strict convention for organising wiki namespaces into seven type of content. If the wrong type of content is in a namespace it will not be displayed in the Powertools.

  • :characters: — Character sheets, i.e. <character></character>
  • :paths: — Paths for characters, i.e. <path></path>
  • :cards: — Advantages for characters, i.e. <card></card>
  • :bestiary: — Monster sheets, i.e. <monster></monster>
  • :monsterpaths: — Monster paths, i.e. <monsterpath></monsterpath>
  • :monstercards: — Advantages for monsters, i.e. <card></card>
  • :lists: — Lists of advantages, i.e. <advantages></advantages>

The Powertools search for these namespaces in three areas: Open, Sandbox and the member's private area (if logged in). For example:

  • :open:characters: — Characters for anyone to use
  • :sandbox:characters: — Test or scrap characters
  • :member:tregenza:characters: — Private characters for member Tregenxa.

Each namespace is sub-dived into publications or projects. For example:

  • :open:cards:6d6magic: — Advantages specifically for the 6d6 Magic setting
  • :open:bestiary:quantumflux: — Monsters for the Quantum Flux adventure
  • :member:tregenza:characters:aliens: — Characters for a private project called Aliens for member Tregenza.

The namespace for the project should be consistent across all the different areas. e.g.

  • :open:cards:6d6hellenic:
  • :open:paths:6d6hellenic:
  • :open:characters:6d6hellenic:

and not

  • :open:cards:6d6_hellenic:
  • :open:paths:6d6hellenic:
  • :open:characters:hellenic:

Only projects with a valid name are displayed by the Powertools and there are two ways to do this.

Create a <book></book> page in either the :open:settings: namespace or your private settings namespace, e.g. :member:tregenza:settings:aliens:

The Book must be on a page called book, e.g. :open:settings:6d6hellenic:book or :member:tregenza:settings:aliens:book. The title of the book will be given to the project in the 6d6 RPG Powertools. That is, if the :open:settings:6d6hellenic:book page has the title 6d6 Hellenic, whenever a namespace called 6d6hellenic is found it will be displayed as 6d6 Hellenic.

The alternative way is to create a Powertools page in each namespace you wish to use. This is simpler to set up but only applies to that specific namespace. The Powertools pages must be called :ptstart and the first headline on the page will be used as the title. For example, a Powertool page at :open:characters:superheros:ptstart will give its name only to the :open:characters:superheros: namespace. Unless additional Powertool pages are added to :open:card:superheros: or :open:bestiary:superheros: etc, those namespaces will not be displayed.

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