To help 6d6 produce the best product we can, we need as many people as possible to proof-read our products. Many eyes make light work of this onerous task.

It doesn't matter if your English skills are less than perfect. What matters is that you can read and spare a bit of time. If you read something that doesn't make sense or just feels wrong but you can't explain why, then this is still helpful. Just let us know where the problem is and someone else can fix it.

If you find a problem, there are three way you can help:

1) Edit the wiki and fix it. This is the most useful approach.

2) Make a comment in the Discussion section of the page that highlights the problem.

3) Email me about it (

When you've proof-read some or all of a document, please add your name or a comment below. This helps us avoid everyone proof-reading the same document.

Don't Worry

Every change on the wiki is recorded and monitored. There is no way you can screw up a document or make a change that we can't fix. So dive in and get editing.

Proof Reading Needed

These documents are print ready and just need a final polish.

6d6 Core

On the Wiki: 6d6 Core

PDF in the Library 6d6 Core PDF

This is the first complete set of rules. About half of it has been proof-read before as part of Shootouts but the rest is completely new. Below is list of the new section but be aware that existing sections have also been edited.

  • Character Cards
  • Narrative And Initiative Play
  • Activation Actions & Effect Cards
  • Life & Death
  • Social Interactions
  • Awareness
  • Switching To Initiative Rounds
  • Natural Hazards
  • Creating Characters
  • Equipment, Wealth and Treasure
  • Thinking About Cards
  • Foes and Monsters
  • Being Game Leader
  • Extending the 6d6 System

Proof Read By

Chris.T - Complete Document

Darth Tigger - Complete document. I need a beer.

Proof Reading Pending

These documents are still being edited. Proof reading will be useful but some contents still only be rough drafts and may change.


Kieran Kowalski, 2011/06/20 15:04

Image on Effect Card example is small. Might be difficult to look at properly. Suggest a slightly larger image.

Life and Death seems ok, as does Awareness.

Social Interactions is well explained.

All the example cards in the Natural Hazards section are small to view on screen, might have similar issues on print. Suggest a slighly larger image.

Path Cards example image has similar size issues.

In the Group Character Creation section there is no mention of Race/Faction etc type cards - the Origin Stage as some call it. It's kind of needed in a game where there are multiple races. If this is the Early Years part, then it needs to be added that this is where Race Path Cards or Faction Path Cards etc are used first.

Kieran Kowalski, 2011/06/20 15:13

Creating Monsters..

“each creature should have 1 to 1 1/4 the CP of the characters. ” The scale is somewhat off on scale, as single powerful creatures are at 3/4's, but the larger batch are at 1 to 1 1/4? I think this needs a look at.

Rest seems ok

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