Players' Briefing

This briefing introduces the players to the universe of Quantum Flux. Read it out and answer any questions before the players create or select their characters.

It is the year 2270 and mankind has reached the stars. The human race has harnessed the very power of the universe to traverse vast distances, discover new worlds and find whole new reasons to hate each other.

Governments no longer control countries but entire star systems. One of the most organised and stable is the Terran Republic, the guardian of the Sol system. While other corporations and governments focus on exploration and colonisation, the Republic has built the Terran Star Navy to protect the core systems of Sol, Tau Ceti and Betelgeuse.

The salvage vessel Oculas has been dispatched from Tau Ceti to the distant world of Oberon, one of six planets orbiting an unremarkable type G5V in a remote part of explored space. The Oculas has been contracted out by the Wuland-Yelani Corporation to recover the TSN Leopold, a ship declared lost nearly twenty years ago.

The team is only given the minimal briefing and orders:

Find the ship, find out what happened, recover the A.I. If possible recover the entire ship; destroy it completely if recovery is impossible.

The details of the mission are not important during the initial scenes of the adventure. Only once they are stranded in space do they become relevant. Listed below is everything the characters were told or could find out before leaving Tau Ceti, but don't give it out to the players before the game starts. When the characters need to know something they may take an appropriate discovery action to determine how much they remember from the briefing.

Find the ship, find out what happened, recover the A.I. If possible recover the entire ship or destroy it completely if recovery is impossible.

The Oberon System

Type G5V star with six planets. Oberon is the second planet from the sun.
The four outer planets are gas giants. Neither of the two inner planets have moons.
Terraforming was started on Oberon but abandoned decades ago.

The TNS Leopold

The TSN Leopold was built as a military frigate with a Quantum Flux drive. It was adapted into a science vessel in partnership with the Wuland-Yelani Corporation.
There are eleven decks: Command & Control (C&C); Hydroponics & Medical; Artificial Intelligence Mainframe (A.I.M.); Crew Quarters; Power Control; Shuttle Bay; Cryostasis; Cargo Hold; Corvette Hangar; Science Labs.
The Leopold has a corvette with a Quantum Flux drive and is designed to be operated by a small crew.
The ship had an advanced A.I. system which was revolutionary at the time but is now standard on most large ships.
An unusual feature of the A.I. and one which has not caught on is the physical avatar, an android controled by the A.I.
The captain of the Leopold, James Shepard, had twelve crewmen, four marines and thirty-one scientists.
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