Deck 3b - Security

Deck 3b is the home of the small detachment of marines assigned to the Leopold and is not shown on the user-friendly maps dotted around the ship. At some point as they move around ship the team notices this corridor due to the blackened walls and door at the far end (Game Leader's discretion).

The corridor leads to three rooms. The open door on the left is marked Security, the door on the right is closed and labelled Brig. At the end of the corridor the third door is blackened, burnt and standing half open. Through the gap black shapes can be seen lying on the ground.

The brig is just an empty cell capable of holding two people. The barracks / security office has more information.

A clean, organised room with bunk beds for four people, a desk at the far end and an empty weapons rack.
1 x N52B Plasma Pulse Rifle with 7 rounds of ammo under one of the bunks.

Security Desk

A vid-camera and display has been rigged so anyone at the desk can see up the corridor towards the rest of the ship. The video is recorded and the whole system looks semi-permanent and independent of the ship's systems. The video system runs on the ship's main power and is inoperable until power is restored on deck 5.
The last images and sound (other than empty corridor) recorded show someone with first officer lapel pins, four civilians and two marines in full combat gear retreating down the corridor and firing at unseen targets. The group moves out of sight, presumably to the room at the end of the corridor. Seconds later several large aliens and numerous smaller aliens charge down the corridor. Gunfire, the screech of aliens and human screams are heard, followed by an explosion. Shortly afterwards a few aliens stagger back along the corridor and towards the rest of the ship.
The camera shows little of interest prior to the last stand other than the marines coming and going with increasing urgency and weaponry., except at one point when the ship's First Office and a marine sergeant are talking as they walk past. The First Office is saying "If Kleinler wasn't already dead, the Captain would kill the bastard himself. He thinks Kleinler has some form of secret orders from Wuland-Yelani."

In the end room, human bones and alien carapaces scatter the floor. The door frame is bent from an explosion and the walls are covered in soot and ashes.

There are about six sets of human remains along with some badly-damaged equipment.
1 x Command Override Keycard
One name tag is readable on the bodies, that of Commander Burkestrom, J.
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