There are four possible endings to the dungeon.


The adventurers do not return, or return without finding out what happened to the Baron or the baby. With no leader and no heir, the barony will fall under the power of the neighbouring Baron De'Monfit.

The Baroness

Returning with the Baroness and explaining the circumstances she was found in is enough to have the Baron declared mad or possessed and probably dead. The Baroness Pollyanna will rule the Barony in name only while the Aldermen take real control.

The Baron and the Baby

Bringing the the Baron back, either as a dead body or in his unliving state, along with the baby's body, will shock the town folk. Many will not believe the adventurers' story even when they learn that the Baroness is also missing. As with Failure, the barony will fall under the power of Baron De'Monfit.

The Baron, The Baroness and the Baby

With the Baron's body (dead or undead), the child's corpse and the Baroness, the adventurers will be able to convince everyone (or at least everyone important) of what happened.

The Baroness, with proof of the Baron's death and the absence of other heirs, inherits all his lands and titles. Despite her young age and terrible ordeal, she is strong, intelligent and used to the intrigues of court. She will hire the characters to act as her bodyguards and advisers until she has a firm grip on the reins of power.


The adventurers each gain one Character Point per hour of playing time. This should be awarded at the end of each session and can be spent straight away to allow the characters to improve as they face tougher and tougher monsters. Whatever the outcome of the adventure the characters gain the Dungeon of Demon Strata adventure path at no cost. Advantages from it may be acquired at the normal CP rate.

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