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This page is editable by any member. If you have made some changes to the wiki, such as creating a new writing project or tidying up the organisation of the Advantages page, just add a story below. New items should always got at the top.




We Don't Need No Stinking Badges

Claim your badges and celebrate your 6d6 activities. Find our more - Badges.


All members are encouraged to create public profiles for themselves in the member:profiles section. Find out more - Profiles

Project Status

All current 6d6 projects are listed on the new Project Status page.

Writers should note that a new 'projectstatus' page has been added to each project, e.g. :open:mechanics:magic:projectstatus. These can be edited by any member and writers should endeavor to keep the page up to date.

The Sidebar feature has been enabled. Each part of the wiki, e.g. open:cards, can add content to the right-hand side of the screen. Find out more - Sidebars

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