Returning Fire & Situation Bonuses

Using any form of attack in a resistance action grants the opponent situation bonuses exactly as if it were an standard attack. This includes bonuses for range and cover.

Little Red Hawk is standing in the street when Fast Fingers Freddy takes a shot from a nearby window. Spotting the danger just in time and having no other way to protect himself, Little Red Hawk throws his tomahawk.

Freddy is attacking with 1d6+2 for his Rifle Bullet and a Rifle Expertise of 1d6+2 for a total of 2d6+4.

Little Red Hawk is resisting with his 1d6+2 Tomahawk, his Throw skill worth 1d6+1 and 1d6+0 of Brawn. Things look good for the native with a resistance of 3d6+3.

However, because Fast Fingers Freddy has cover from the window, Freddy gains a 1d6 situation bonus. Now Freddy has 3d6+4 against Red Hawk's 3d6+3.

Different Ranges

When attacker and defender are using range weapons with different ranges, the situation bonuses seem a little bit more complicated. The key is to treat each action separately, awarding dice to each character as appropriate.

Fast Fingers Freddy and Little Red Hawk are 30' (6 squares) apart. The rifle is Range (3) which means that Little Red Hawk gains a 1d6 bonus because he is in the weapon's second range step.

However, Little Red Hawk has Range (1) for his tomahawk and Range (1) for his Throw giving a total of Range (2). This puts Freddy in the weapon's third range step for a 2d6 situation bonus.

Fast Fingers Freddy now has an attack of 5d6+4 whereas Little Red Hawk has a resistance of 4d6+3. The odds are back in favour of Freddy but Red Hawk still has a better chance of avoiding damage by throwing his tomahawk than by not acting.

When a long range weapon is being resisted by a short range weapon over a reasonable distance, returning fire can make the target easier to hit. The defender may be better off not shooting back. This may seem counter-intuitive but the defender with the shorter range weapon has to stand still and take aim for longer than the attacker, making them an easier target.

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