Resisting Awareness (Hiding)

A character making an awareness check is "attacking" the hidden creature or item, triggering a resistance action.

For static objects or hazards such as a secret door or a trap, the Game Leader will set a fixed resistance. If the action beats the resistance, the character becomes aware of the object.

When it's a foe, such as someone hiding in a bush, the foe makes a standard resistance action using any appropriate and available cards. If the action beats the resistance, the foe is noticed. When multiple foes are present, such as three goblins hiding in a bush, the character makes an single roll but each foe makes their own individual resistance. The character only becomes aware of the foes their action beats. It is entirely possible for the character to spot one goblin and be unaware of two others in the same bush.

In a narrative situation, both the character making the awareness action and the hidden creature play whatever cards they have available. However in combat, any used cards follow their keywords. This could mean that someone hiding may have the cards to play against a first awareness check but because the cards return to the deck they have nothing to resist a second awareness check.

Ability cards useful in resisting awareness actions, such as Native Stealth, often have the keyword Flip. The creature trying to hide flips (rotates 180 degrees) the Native Stealth card along with any other cards they plan to use in resisting awareness actions (e.g. environment cards). The flipped cards gain the Persistent keyword and can be used in any appropriate resistance action. Thus a skilled character has cards to play against multiple awareness actions. At the start of the creature's next initiative turn all the flipped cards (regardless of other keywords) leave the pool.

High-tech equipment like cloaking devices, spells such as invisibility and some creatures' natural abilities (e.g. a chameleon) are very useful in resisting awareness actions. These items tend to have the Persistent keyword so that they can be used against any number of awareness checks.


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Chris - you might want to explain Flip a bit better, I'm not convinced I 100% get it from this description

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