Resistance Actions

Whenever a character is attacked or threatened, whether by someone assaulting them with a sword, a landslide about to fall on them or a strange psychic radiation from another galaxy, the character has a chance to defend themselves with a resistance action.

A resistance action is exactly the same as an initiative action except that it can only be done in response to an attack. The character may use any cards that are available to them in any appropriate combinations.

Once the cards are decided both the attacking and the resisting characters roll their action dice. The attacker must score more than the resistance action to succeed. Cards used in a resistance action follow their keywords and return to the deck, rotate or similar.

If a character cannot or chooses not to play any cards they automatically get a resistance score of one.

Resistance Keyword

A character can assist another character with their resistance action if they have a card with the Resistance keyword. The scores from the two (or more) resistance actions are combined against the attack. If the resistance is still beaten, only the character initially targeted is affected by the attack.


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Chris - the keyword “Resistance Action” links to the reference page “Resistance”, and the keyword “Resistance” links to “Resistance (Keyword)”

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