Poison, Toxins and Venom

There are technical differences between these three hazards. A poison has be to ingested or absorbed whereas a venom is something injected with a sting or bite, but in game terms they are the same, as are nuclear radiation and dangerous chemicals. They are all classed as hazardous substances.

Hazardous substances are very similar to diseases. They attack at regular intervals, hourly in the case of the basic Poison card. They are also hard to resist unless the character has a Toughness card. Medical attention may also assist in resisting and removing the poison. Which cards are appropriate to the task will very much depend on the nature of the hazardous substance. Generally the character is allowed a pseudo-card when attempting to remove a hazardous substance card as most creatures have a way of expelling or processing toxins.

More complex forms of hazardous substances can be developed by the Game Leader. A paralysing venom is achievable by using a - (Minus Keyword) card such as -Body or -Movement.


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