Playing Active Status And Hazard Effect Cards

Like any card in the character's pool, status cards, which includes hazard cards, can be played as part of actions if they are available and appropriate. Once played, they follow the behaviour described by the effect keywords. As most status effects do not rotate or persist, the cards will return to the deck and the effect will end. This represents pushing the magic or technology to its limits so that it discharges or turns off.

Playing a status card like this can be useful. Angel's Wings or an Anti-Grav Belt could be played in a movement action, giving the character a one-off burst of speed.

It is possible to use hazard effects in a similar manner if it is appropriate. A character on fire could conceivably use this to their advantage. The Golden Rule applies to hazard cards just as much as any other cards. However, the character cannot make it easier to remove the effect just by using the hazard card.

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