Playing Active Effects

An active effect card is treated the same as any other card in the pool except that its effect keywords are used rather than the standard keywords.

Most effects (but not all of them) have the Static keyword which automatically shifts the card into the static pool. The Stack-Top keyword is also common and it allows some or all the cards used in the activation action to be moved into the stack. Both of these happen at the moment the effect is activated and the effect keywords come into play.

In addition to the effect keywords printed on the card, there are default keywords (just as there are with standard keywords). These are: Dynamic, Play-With-Any, Play-To-Deck and Remove At Will. These mean that the card belongs in the dynamic pool (unless overridden by an explicit Static keyword); that the effect can be used in an action with any other card; after being played the card returns to the deck (and is no longer active); and the card can be removed from the pool to the deck at will.

When the card is played, its effect keywords control its behaviour. By default it returns to the deck but it may rotate, be persistent or be discarded.

Automatic Effects

Some effect keywords require the card to be automatically played at a certain point. For example, a hand-grenade has the End-Of-Turn keyword meaning that it explodes at the end of the turn in which it was activated. The character has no control over this. They cannot choose to play the active card earlier or not play it. Generally they cannot remove the card from their pool either. If the effect is an item of equipment, even if the character dies the effect will take place at the appointed time.

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