Other Situation Bonuses

Beyond the common bonuses such as range and cover, there are an infinite number of other circumstances that might warrant giving a situation bonus.

When considering whether to give a bonus or not, consider these points.

  • How does this circumstance actually help or hinder the character? Just like using a card in an action, the golden rule applies - the player must be able to justify the situation bonus.
  • Is the effect significant enough to justify a bonus? A 1d6 bonus gives quite an advantage. The circumstances may be helping the player but are they helping enough?
  • Lots of little things? Sometimes no single factor can be judged to warrant a bonus but the sum of several minor advantages do.
  • Is it fair? Is it fun? To be fun for all, games need to be fair. If giving a bonus to one player would be unfair to another then the bonus should not be given. However if no player is disadvantaged by the bonus and it makes the game more fun, give the bonus.
  • Every situation is different. Giving a situation bonus once does not mean that the bonus will be awarded every time a similar situation comes up.
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