On Fire

Fire can threaten a character in two ways. The character can be standing in a square that is on fire or they themselves can be on fire.

A location that is burning has an On Fire card and the effect keywords apply to anyone in the area. Any character starting their turn in the area is attacked by the On Fire card (because of the Start-Of-Turn keyword). A successful attack does damage but does not set fire to the character. Once away from the affected area, the character is safe.

A character with an On Fire card in their pool is alight and is attacked by it at the start of their turn. Unlike a burning location, they character cannot move away from the flames and the attacks will continue until the character is dead or the fire put out. The On Fire card also lacks the Static keyword so it is placed in the dynamic pool, making it harder for the victim to deal with. Though it may seem logical that the card should be a static card, it is hard for anyone to ignore the fact they are burning.

Extinguishing a fire, on a person or in a 5' square, is a pool attack (see Removing Status and Hazard Effects). The Game Leader may give situation bonuses to either the fire's resistance or the attack depending on the flammability of the burning material and the methods being used to extinguish the flames.

Location-based fires will spread if there is combustible material in adjacent 5' squares. At the end of the round each burning location will attack an adjacent square that contains combustible material. The non-burning square will have a 1d6+0 resistance to the attack, but situation bonuses may apply depending on factors such as combustibility, the ambient temperature and the wind speed. A successful attack will ignite the neighboring square, giving it a 1d6+0 On Fire card.

Many weapons incorporate fire or heat as part of the attack but do not generally set fire to the target. Even apparently flammable materials such as paper or petrol are hard to ignite without a steady source of heat. The fleeting heat of a laser blast or a magic spell is not enough. Only once a fire is established does it possess a serious threat and qualify for an On Fire card.

Certain weapons are specifically designed to set targets on fire, e.g. Flame Throwers. Each weapon will differ in exactly how it works depending on the technology, magic or super-power used. Generally, a successful attack with one of these types of weapons does no direct damage to the target but does place an On Fire card in the target's pool. These weapons can target one or more 5' squares. If a square is occupied the character nominates either the square or an occupant as the target but not both.

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