Hazard Keywords

Whilst any keyword can appear along with the Hazard keyword, some of the common ones are listed below. Most of these control when the hazard is activated and can attack or hinder the character.

- (Minus Keyword) When a keyword is prefixed by the minus sign, e.g. -Body, it means that when the character plays an action with that keyword the hazard is automatically triggered. This provides a bonus against the character's action and makes the character's action less likely to succeed.
Start-Of-Turn The hazard is triggered at the start of the character's initiative turn, before any cards are rotated, flipped cards removed, flow used or cards played.
End-Of-Turn Once the character has declared their turn over and before the next card in the initiative deck is turned over, the hazard is triggered.
Daily The hazard is played against the character once per day.
Hourly The hazard attacks the character once per hour.
Persistent Most hazards are persistent. This allows them to be repeatedly played against the character.
Static The Static keyword is rare on hazard cards, which means they are usually in the dynamic pool. This extra penalty is because most hazards, such as being on fire, are hard to ignore and demand the victim's attention.
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