Narrative Action

Outside of the initiative turns and combat rounds, characters can still take actions. These are known as narrative actions.

In short, a narrative action consists of a character playing dynamic cards up to the size of their dynamic pool (four for standard characters) plus any static cards. As with any action, all the cards have to be appropriate for that action's focus.

Ms Maple, an elderly amateur detective is investing a murder in a large country house. In the search for clues she wants to casually chat with the staff as they go about their duties in the hopes that one of them will accidentally let something slip.

Looking at her cards she selects Cunning (1d6+0), Small Talk (1d6+3), Psychology (1d6+1) and Body Language (1d6+1), giving her 4d6+5 in her action.

Narrative Actions In Detail

A narrative action is no different from an initiative action. The same limitations and options apply to the character and they can make narrative resistance actions.

Where a narrative action does differ is that it represents several initiative turns compressed into a single action. By taking several rounds and using flow a character can fill their dynamic pool and populate their static pool with the optimum cards for an action. Once everything is ready the character can play them in an action.

If the character has magic, technology or other special abilities that allow them to temporarily expand their dynamic pool, draw on other people's cards or similarly exceed the normal limits, these can be used in narrative actions. The only limitation is time. If a magic spell only expands the dynamic pool for one turn, can the character cast the spell and take advantage of it in time?

The easiest way to solve these questions is to step into initiative rounds. Each turn the character has their flow and can act. If a character engineers a way to take an action beyond the normal limits of a narrative action (e.g. using five or more dynamic cards), then it is a valid narrative action.

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