Melee combat is face-to-face fighting where you can literally reach out and touch the opponent. Classically this is done with swords and shields but it applies equally to punching, kicking and the use of broken bottles. Attacks in melee combat are standard actions and always grant a resistance action to the target.

Whilst melee combatants are always in close proximity to each other, there are different ranges at which fighting may take place.

Melee Type Description
Open Melee The normal distance for melee with both parties in adjacent 5' squares.
Extended Melee When the combatants have reach weapons such as pikes they can attack targets 10' (two squares) away.
Close Quarters This form of combat only takes place when both combatants are in the same 5' square. This is melee at its most personal, when combatants are inches apart, wrestling and struggling to get a decisive blow.

Every melee weapon will have one or more melee types as a keyword and weapons can only be used in these forms of combat. A weapon like the pike that just has the extended melee keyword will allow the user to reach further but once an opponent is adjacent the weapon is useless as anything except an ad-hoc weapon.

Close Quarters Fighting

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