Equipment, Wealth & Treasure

Whereas life and ability cards are internal to a character, the physical objects that the character uses are external. No-one can steal another man's Brawn or Climbing skill but it is possible to steal their gun. This difference means that equipment cards are treated slightly differently from other types of cards.

Equipment can be divided into two broad types: cards that the character has paid for with CP and cards that the character has acquired in other ways.

Paid-for equipment is as much a part of the character as their life and ability cards. Although they can lose them temporarily the character will recover them in time. Should Fast Fingers Freddy have his gun stolen, the card will go into the discard pile. As soon as Freddy can get to a gun shop, an armoury or loot a dead body he will instantly and at no cost recover the card.

Conversely, the other type of equipment - generally called treasure - is not part of the character. If this is stolen, lost or in some cases used, the card permanently goes back to the Game Leader.

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