Creating New Cards

It is easy to create a new card. Just follow this four-step programme.

1) Decide what type of card it is - a green life card, a blue ability card or a white equipment card.

2) Think of the card name - a simple word or two that defines what the card is about.

e.g. "Hairdressing"

3) Add a short summary, ideally no more than ten words, to flesh out the card's name.

e.g "Cutting, styling and caring for men's and women's hair."

4) Add a keyword to define the type of card. Normally this will be one of: Life, Skill, Knowledge, Equipment.

e.g. "Skill"

The card is now valid for use in the game.

Advanced Keywords

Creating more complicated or powerful cards requires additional keywords. These modify how the card behaves, how it can be used and the effect it has in the game.

Keywords such as Rotate and Persistent are very powerful because they save the player flow every round. The Static keyword is also powerful because it frees up space in the character's dynamic pool, giving the character more options. Long ranges and effects such as Blast also increase the power of a card.

Cards can be limited by using keywords. Opportunity and resistance both limit the card to being used only in certain situations (though as both allow the character to act when they normally cannot they also increase the power of the card). The Stance keyword is limiting because only one such card can be in a pool at any time. Use of the + modifier, e.g. Skill+, severely limits the card as it reduces the number of situations it can be played in.

Sometimes keywords are not enough. In these situations the card's description can be used to enhance or limit the card's powers.


It is very easy to create an overly powerful card and if you wish to do this, knock yourself out. Creating a balanced card is harder and comes through practice and experimentation. There is no recipe for a balanced card.

A card's power is also very dependent on the setting it is used in. A balanced pistol in a Wild West setting may find itself underpowered if transferred to a setting with plasma rifles or magic.

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