Character Points Allowance

All starting characters have an allowance or budget of Character Points (CP) to spend on cards. The number of CP depends on the nature of the game being played and the desires of the group.

CP Allowance Style of Game
50 or less Grim and realistic. Characters will have few abilities and are relatively easy to kill.
60 A good starting point for games which are not using path cards. This gives starting characters a reasonable number of life and skill cards.
70 Recommended budget for characters for campaigns using path cards.
100 A good starting point for high-powered, action-film heroes.
150 True super-heroes. Massively skilled and hard to kill.
250 God-like.

The Game Leader and group should discuss the style of the game they want to play and decide on an appropriate allowance. Higher-powered starting characters are more difficult for new players to manage and have less room for growth. However they can be great fun for short campaigns, allowing the players to let rip. Lower allowances are more manageable and make a character's growth meaningful. They are ideal for campaigns where the characters start as farm-hands and develop into heroes.

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