Awareness Out of Combat

Taking an awareness action represents the character spending enough time to look, smell, listen or whatever else in order to to gain an understanding of what is happening. This may not be a correct understanding (e.g. they may not spot the trap) but the character is confident they examined the situation to the best of their ability.

A character who hears or spots something will invest enough time to gather a basic understanding of it. Overhearing a conversation, the character will know the basics of how many people are involved and their tone of voice (e.g. panicked, calm, amused) plus have a good idea of the subject matter if they speak the language. Someone spotting a dubious looking flagstone will take the time to work out if that is the only one or if it is part of something larger.

The whole process of an awareness action may take seconds, minutes or hours depending on the circumstances.

As a narrative action the character may use dynamic cards up to their dynamic pool size (normally four) plus any static cards, plus a pseudo-card for an additional 1d6+0.

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