Automatic Awareness Action

When a character has a chance of being surprised or otherwise endangered by something the character is not aware of, they gain an automatic awareness action. This is a last chance to recognise the specific danger before it strikes.

The automatic awareness action is an opportunity action triggered immediately before a character is about to be surprised. The character can play any awareness and other cards they can justify plus any situation bonuses. They may not use pseudo-cards as this is an opportunity action. If the action beats the hidden danger's resistance the character has spotted the danger.

In many cases, noticing the danger will not prevent the attack. Once the opportunity action has been resolved, the action that triggered the automatic awareness action still takes place. However, by not being surprised a character can avoid losing an initiative turn or, in the case of total surprise, avoid losing their dynamic pool. See Initiating Combat and Surprise for more information.

Sometimes there are multiple simultaneous threats, such as when a character is ambushed by a gang of bandits. The character only makes their automatic awareness action against the largest threat, normally the closest one.

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