Alternative Character Generation

The 6d6 system allows a lot of variation in how characters are created. As long as all the players start with similar Character Point totals the game will be balanced. Groups are encouraged to use whichever method of character generation suits their style of play.

Listed below are some ideas for alternative approaches to character generation.

Random Points

Each character starts with 50 + 6d6 CP (which averages to 71 points). This approach reflects the pot-luck aspect of life with some players 'better off' than other characters.

Random Paths

Instead of selecting a path at each stage of the group character creation process, players are randomly given two path cards. They must pick one of these cards and return the other to the Game Leader. This can help stimulate the imagination as the players have to adapt the character's story to whatever fate has dealt them. This helps players move away from stereotypical back-stories.

Random Cards & Trade

Each player is dealt twelve cards at random to form their character. Players can, and are encouraged to, trade cards between themselves to round off their character's abilities. Characters are still limited by the starting CP allowance and can discard cards that are simply not wanted.

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