After An Action

Once the dice have been rolled and the result of an action has been decided, the player must dress (sort out) their cards.

When a card is played it leaves the player's pool and returns to their deck in a process known as Play-To-Deck. This is the normal behaviour for cards but there are some exceptions.

Certain keywords change what happens to a card after it is played. The most common ones are:

Keyword Behaviour
Rotate The card remains in the pool but is rotated 90 degrees. In this state it cannot be used.
Persistent Nothing happens to the card and it can be immediately used again in another action.
Discard The card is placed in the discard pile after being played and cannot be used again. Some keywords, such as Ammo, inherit the Discard keyword.


Little Red Hawk has just attacked using his Tomahawk, Blade Expertise and Brawn cards (worth 3d6+9). Before playing an action, the dynamic pool and deck looked like this.

Both the Tomahawk and Blade Expertise cards have the Rotate keyword so they turn 90 degrees when played. They cannot be used again until they have rotated back. This occurs automatically at the beginning of Little Red Hawk's next initiative turn, or Little Red Hawk may use one flow per card to turn them back in this turn.

The Brawn card does not have a Rotate keyword so it goes back into the deck. It cannot be used again until one flow is used to move it back into the dynamic pool.

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